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Dublin bombings - 1 December 1972

Two bombs exploded in centre of Dublin within 20 minutes of each other on 1 December 1972 - 2 men killed


Belturbet bombing

A bomb exploded in the village of Belturbet, County Cavan. on 28 December 1972 - 2 teenagers killed


Dublin bombing - 20 January 1973

A bomb exploded in Sackville Place, Dublin on the afternoon of Saturday, 20 January 1973 - 1 man killed


Dublin and Monaghan bombings

Three bombs exploded in Dublin on 17 May 1974 at 5.30 pm and a fourth exploded in Monaghan at 7 pm leaving a total of 34 people dead


Miami Showband

Three members of the Miami Showband were shot dead and two members were injured at Buskhill, County Down, on 31 July 1975


Dundalk bombing

A bomb exploded in Crowe Street, Dundalk, County Louth, on 19 December 1975 - 2 men killed


Castleblayney bombing

A bomb exploded outside the Three Star Inn, Castleblayney, County Monaghan, on 7 March 1976 - 1 man killed